"I have suffered from migraines from a young age.  Kara's regular acupuncture treatments have been extremely helpful in reducing the number, duration and severity of my migraines.  On days I get migraines the gua sha treatment helps break the migraine and brings me peace from the pain."   CS, 46 year old man

"When I first started seeing Kara, I had sciatica issues and muscle tension in my upper back. My appointments were every other week, so my issues would get better after a session, but return the following week. She recommended seeing a chiropractor on the opposite week I saw her. I started seeing the chiropractor she recommended. I felt like we had a plan. We also discussed my diet and reoccurring vertigo. With her extensive knowledge, I felt like she was treating "the whole person". Over time, her multi-tiered approach, reduce the pain between visits and help me feel better overall. She gave me suggestions for stretching at home. I would highly recommend Kara. You won't regret it!💜"   LS, 60 year old woman

"When I went to see Kara, I could barely move because of really bad back pain. She was able to fix me up using acupuncture, cupping, massage! She is the best at combining different techniques to find a way to release the pain! Thank you so much for your patience and care! Don’t look any further! You’ve found the “magician” who will make you feel better."   JV, 68 year old man

"My lab results showed I was prediabetic.  I suffered from bloating, gas, excess weight and just felt 'big'.  I craved sugar constantly and my periods were horrendous!  With Dr. Alexzander's nutrition plan, I not only felt great but I lost 12 pounds AND felt like I was 'cheating' with her easy and delicious diet plan.  My numbers returned to normal after several months of sticking with the plan.  Not only did this help my state of mind, improve my PMS but I looked and felt healthier.  Thank you!"   MO, 44 year old female

"Kara is great at acupuncture, she takes her time with you, listening, explaining, giving advice when needed and she is very gentle and calm. I leave feeling so relaxed each time I see her and she has totally helped with my back & hand pain! I always look forward to my appointments!”   TJ, 32 year old female

"I started coming to Kara, once a week , about six months ago . Originally, I came for help with shoulder pain from driving .  The pain was greatly reduced after the first session, she has steadily improved each subsequent visit. During my treatments, Kara has also helped me with a number of other issues , including sleep , anxiety, stress , and digestion. I always leave her office feeling great, and can’t wait to go back . I would highly recommend Kara to anyone, as long as she doesn’t get to busy to see me :)."   CB, 35 year old man 

"Thank you so much Kara for making me feel so much better! Thank you for listening to me and for asking all the questions to understand better how you could help me. Definitely the best acupuncturist in town! You have so many different treatment tricks up your sleeve to heal and make me feel better."   GR, 38 year old female

 "I have been seeing Dr. Kara for many years for chronic pain throughout my body.  After each of her treatments, I experience tremendous relief despite unsuccessful other forms of medical treatments.    She is professional, gentle with her approach, intuitive, and focused during her treatment plan.  The office is a very clean environment and inviting.   I will continue to see Dr. Kara for my chronic pain."   SA, 59 year old man